On a quiet platform outside a sleepy town somewhere in space, a passenger waits, huddling his arms against the chill of the night. All is still, save the clouds of his breath and a single discarded crisp packet, drifting across the too-near threshold of the flickering lights on the faintest of winds. And then, in the distance, comes the pulsing roar of a rocket coming in to land...

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Perichron Interactive presents...


A typing game x cave flyer about pushing your limits in pursuit of an ambition...and maybe going a little too far.

Available on Steam and itch.io!

In UpMove, only the power of language can propel your intrepid craft as you fly through cities and countrysides and giant factories, dodging meteor showers and laser beams and traffic jams as you strive to make that one last delivery that you need to move upwards and onwards. Your journey will take you through 11 hand-crafted levels, ranging in difficulty from moderate to extreme, and will challenge both your typing abilities and your piloting skills.

Inspired by classics like Space Taxi and Thrust, but with a keyboarding twist and a 1-bit style inspired by early Macintosh games, UpMove offers an experience that is both new and authentically retro. Choose how you want to play: you can race through its levels to put up ever-faster times on your leaderboard, fly more carefully to get through as many levels as possible before your lives run out, or turn on infinite lives and fight to unlock the hardest levels.

Get it on Steam or itch.io!

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